Guided Charters

The protected water of the Great Sandy Strait between Fraser Island and Hervey bay mean the sea is mostly calm making sailing a relaxing experience for people of all boating skill levels to enjoy. If however, you have limited sailing experience, we can arrange a sail guide to show you the sights of the Fraser Coast while you learn the ropes.

Guided Charters

The protected water of the Great Sandy Strait between Fraser Island and Hervey bay mean the sea is mostly calm making sailing a relaxing experience for people of all boating skill levels to enjoy. If however, you have limited sailing experience, we can arrange a sail guide to show you the sights of the Fraser Coast while you learn the ropes.

Relax & Unwind



No matter what your experience, all of our clients receive a comprehensive boat and area briefing with a qualified briefer. If you would like either additional training, or a guide (for the duration, or part of your charter), or a host, we can arrange adding these service to your booking.

Additional Training from your Briefer:

If you have limited sailing experience or need to brush up on your sailing skills before embarking on your self-sail trip, your boat briefer can accompany you for a few hours at the beginning of your charter to ensure you are confident operating the boat on your own.

Briefer extension: $60 per hour – between 1 and 4 hours (additional costs if transfers from Fraser Island are required – barge times must be considered)


If you want to take the pressure off altogether, you can choose to have a guided sail holiday experience. Whether you’re a novice wanting to set sail on an adventure in the pristine waters off Fraser Island, or an expert looking for a change to completely unwind and let someone else do the work, having a sail guide on board allows you to really tailor your sailing holiday experience.

Our experienced local experts will be happy to help you with all aspects of your boating holiday, from vessel operations including sailing and anchoring to recommending anchorages and even fishing tips, giving you the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the unique experiences on offer.

The nominated skipper (not the sail guide) and your crew will still have full responsibility for the vessel as per our Standard Conditions of Charter Agreement, so it is important to know the Sail Guide is there to simply assist.

A nightly rate, on top of your charter fee is paid so you have absolute flexibility to choose the days that suit you. You will need to provide your sail guide with a separate cabin to sleep in, as well as supply food and drink for each day of your charter.

If you are wanting to really go luxury and put your feet up, a hostess can also be arranged to jump on board with you for an additional cost. The hostess will do everything in regards to preparing the meals for the trip such as menu planning, shopping, preparing, serving and cleaning up. This gives you the most time to relax and soak up the serenity.

Overnight sail guide: $350.00 per day. Hostess $280 per day (subject to availability) *an additional fee applies for public holidays.

Contact the team to find out more.

Please note the hostess will also require their separate cabin (unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to charter) and to be included in the provisioning.


Yes! You are the skipper and your sail guide is there to assist in a way that suits you. Depending on your level of sailing experience you can do as little, or as much as you like.

If you have minimal boating experience or if it’s been a while since you have been sailing, we highly recommended adding a sail guide for either the first day, or first night. A sailing guide can also benefit you if just want a little help and support with some of the more physical aspects of keeping a yacht moving under sail.

**Please note that sail guides are not cooks, cleaners, babysitters or maids and are not responsible for the vessel or your crew.

Providing food for the sail guide is expected, so when provisioning for food, be sure to include the sail guide in all meals. If eating out at a restaurant, it is up to you whether you invite the guide along or not. If there is enough food on the boat, the guide may wish to stay on board, or receive some money from you to buy their own meal ashore.

The sail guide must be allocated a cabin to themselves for the duration of their time on board. If the vessel has private ensuite options, the guide will be allocated this cabin. Variations to this normal arrangement can be discussed and agreed upon with discretion between you and your sail guide upon arrival.

While our sail guides are always friendly, professional and comfortable with mingling with the crew, every group is different and people have different needs. You may wish to invite your guide to be part of the fun, or just spend some quality time together.

Most certainly! Whilst it is not compulsory to tip, we encourage offering a gratuity when receiving good service and to thank your sail guide.

An experienced, qualified sailor with a wealth of local knowledge to share with you is very valuable. From showing you the best anchorages, fishing and snorkel spots, to providing tips and tricks on sailing and vessel operations, our sail guides make sure that your time with us exploring paradise is the best it can be. The information our sail guides provide, also help reduce the risk of accidents.

When you go to a new place for the first time, seeking out people that can share their knowledge and experience can provide you a deeper appreciation and understanding of the local area or activity. Also, when doing something for the first time, it is handy to have a teacher!

Southern Great Barrier Charters

Explore Lady Musgrave island on a liveaboard yacht


K’gari Fraser Island has been the playground for Sweet Escape’s vessels since first launching in 2020 and over these years the pristine waters have provided our charterers with hundreds of unforgettable memories. With stunning scenery, unique wildlife encounters, sheltered waters and great weather, there is no doubt that Fraser Island and Hervey Bay’s aquatic haven, the Great Sandy Straits, is the perfect place to charter our yachts.

Looking for more? When aboard our newest addition to the fleet ‘Too Eazy’ or ‘Lazy Dayz’ you can now set sail to the iconic Southern Great Barrier Reef right here from Hervey Bay, ticking off two Natural Wonders of the World in the one amazing holiday experience! 

Lady Musgrave is located on the southern end of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef. Her huge lagoon is a popular anchorage as it offers shelter, great fishing and spectacular snorkelling. There is nothing quite like the underwater world of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Teeming with aquatic life, coral, fish, turtles, dugongs and harmless reef sharks. When you step ashore, tread carefully along the white coral beaches as green and loggerhead turtles nest on Lady Musgrave’s shore. As you wonder amongst the native Pisonia forest, keep your eyes peeled to see up to 50 different species of birds; oysercatchers, terns, gulls, eagles, and the right time of year, the wedge-tailed shearwater. 

Only a day’s steam from Urangan Harbour to Lady Musgrave, our yachts are the perfect platform to explore the island. No need for crowded passenger ferries, controlled groups snorkelling or to book a campsite eleven months in advance to sleep on the beach. It’s just you, your loved ones on your own private luxury yacht. To make the trip a safe one, sailing experience is necessary and is why we put a Sail Guide onboard with you for the extended charter area. If you want to get the most out of the experience, or you really want to put your feet up, there is option of hiring a cook/host for your charter. 

So if you want to push the (charter) limits on your next bareboat adventure, jump aboard ‘Too Eazy’ or ‘Lazy Dayz’ and explore the Fraser Coast and beyond to the Great Barrier Reef with on your very own Sweet Escape Yacht Charter. Extended coastal cruising charters require direct contact with management prior to booking as special terms and conditions obviously apply. 


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