Fraser Island

Fraser Island, Australia, the largest sand Island in the world, is home to ancient rainforests, mirror-like freshwater lakes, endless white-sand beaches, magnificent cliffs of coloured sands, alluring crystal clear creeks, and an array of animals including the world’s only pure dingos. With a plethora of breathtaking vistas to feast your eyes on, it is no wonder why the first Australian’s named Fraser Island K’Gari, which translates to ‘paradise’. The natural beauty of Fraser has been recognised on the world stage by being awarded World Heritage status in 1974 and in more recent times was dedicated under the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project.

The turquoise waters surrounding this paradise offer a safe and sheltered canvas to explore. The warm waters surrounding the island attract dugong, reef fish, manta rays, dolphins and turtles. With the arrival of winter, from late July to October, the aquatic community grows to include thousands of humpback whales, who choose these incredible waterways, to rest and play before migrating to the Antarctic.

So, whether it is fishing, sailing, whale watching, bushwalking, kayaking, swimming or birdwatching, the World Heritage-Listed Fraser Island and its beautiful waterways offer all one could ever want, and more besides.

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