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As a yacht charter operator, one of our top priorities is to ensure that all guests have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience onboard. However, it is important to acknowledge the limited accessibility on our vessels and the general nature of the marine environment that we operate in. Whilst we try our best to accomodate all guests who wish to travel with us, the design of the yacht itself can be significant barrier for individuals with disabilities, particularly guests with mobility challenges such as guests in wheelchairs.

Things to consider:

  • The general layout of the yacht can make it difficult for individuals with mobility impairments to access. For example, there are multiple levels, including steps to access the vessel and also stairs down into the hulls (similar to climbing a small step ladder).
  • Bathrooms and showers are also important areas to consider when it comes to accessibility. All of our vessels are production built, and as such, bathrooms are located in the hulls, which can only be accessed via stairs. Furthermore, some toilet spaces are small spaces by design. This may preclude guests with mobility challenges from travelling with us. All vessels are fitted with accessible showerheads.
  • As our vessels operate on water, at times, the vessel can rock from side to side.
  • We need to communicate safety information with all our guests during the briefing and throughout the trip. Examples, props and laminated instructions are provided, however we encourage our ESL guests to make themselves known to our crew and chat separately to ensure everything is understood.



Do you welcome and assist people who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behaviour?

Yes, we encourage our guests that require special attention to make themselves known to our crew and chat separately to ensure everything is understood.

Do you cater for people with vision impairment?

We welcome guests with vision impairment and can provide assistance in getting onto our vessels and making sure that you are comfortable throughout the charter. We encourage all vision impaired guests to be accompanied by another person. Unfortunately as we operate in a National Marine Park, domestic dogs are not permitted.

Do you cater for people with hearing impairment or who are part of the Deaf community?

We welcome guests with hearing impairment or members of the Deaf Community and can provide assistance in getting onto our vessels and making sure that you are comfortable throughout the charter. We encourage all guests part of the deaf community to be accompanied by another person whom is able to effectively communicate/translate the safety features of the vessel. If a guest requires a crew member to wear a hearing aid device when giving instructions or information, this can also be done.

Do you have a wheelchair accessible toilet?
We do not have a wheelchair accessible toilet/restroom

Do you cater for people with limited mobility?

Our pick-up location is at Urangan Boat Harbour, which has a walk down ramp onto the dock, then a steep step into the vessel. The crew will provide assistance getting on the vessel but a small amount of mobility is required throughout the duration of the charter.

Do you cater for people who use a wheelchair?

Given the layout of our vessels, there is limited access for wheelchairs. Some past guests have managed their charter using a waterproof, collapsible chair and modified toilet and shower access. Please contact us to ask specific questions in relation to your needs and we are more than happy to do our best to accomodate.

Do you cater for people with high support needs who travel with a carer?

We welcome guests with high support needs who travel with a carer.

What if I am not a confident swimmer?

Please make sure that you tell the office team when you check in as well as the crew on board the vessel as they will assist you. We also suggest to bring buoyancy equipment for those that need extra assistance, including correctly fitting jackets for children. All vessels are equip with one adult lifejacket per person.

What if I have a medical condition?

Should you have a medical condition that could affect your time on charter, please let our team know, and also bring any specialised medication with you. Our vessels are fitted with marine grade first aid kits.

Are your vessels suitable for all ages?

Yes! Children must wear correctly fitting lifejackets whilst in the tender and is also recommended for while they are on deck. If you are concerned about the weather conditions for the dates that you are chartering, or wish to speak to one of our friendly office team about young or senior passengers travelling, please call us on 0431323089.

Do you cater for Disability Service Groups?
We always recommend letting us know the types of disabilities your clients might have so that we know who may require a little extra attention. We can then assist you where necessary during your visit.

Do you cater for people with allergies and intolerances?

Yes, please advise at time of booking and we will do our best to adjust the menu to suit your needs.

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