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The Fraser Coast

The Fraser Coast and Hervey Bay is our main sailing playground. The smooth and partially smooth waters of the Great Sandy Strait provide a safe haven for first timers, families and experienced yachtsman alike.

Easily accessible by road, train or plane, the Fraser Coast is located approximately 300 kilometres north of Brisbane and includes the townships of Hervey Bay and Maryborough, the adjacent coast to the landward side of Fraser Island and as far south as Tin Can Bay, as well as Fraser Island itself.

World famous for some of the most interactive natural experiences on earth, the Fraser Coast is truly where nature comes alive and the best place to experience it all is on the water, with a sailing holiday. The clear blue waters of Fraser Island are teeming with marine life, including Dolphins, Dugongs, Turtles, Manta Rays and Humpback Whales (July-Nov). So precious is this environment, that in 2009 UNESCO awarded the Great Sandy Region Biosphere Reserve Status, recognising it in the same class as the Galapagos Islands, Central Amazon, the Everglades and Uluru. In 2019 Hervey Bay became the World’s first Whale Heritage Site.

Sailing the Fraser Coast

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, Australia, the largest sand Island in the world, is home to ancient rainforests, mirror-like freshwater lakes, endless white-sand beaches, magnificent cliffs of coloured sands, alluring crystal clear creeks, and an array of animals including the world’s only pure dingos. With a plethora of breathtaking vistas to feast your eyes on, it is no wonder why the first Australian’s named Fraser Island K’Gari, which translates to ‘paradise’. The natural beauty of Fraser has been recognised on the world stage by being awarded World Heritage status in 1974 and in more recent times was dedicated under the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project.

The turquoise waters surrounding this paradise offer a safe and sheltered canvas to explore. The warm waters surrounding the island attract dugong, reef fish, manta rays, dolphins and turtles. With the arrival of winter, from late July to October, the aquatic community grows to include thousands of humpback whales, who choose these incredible waterways, to rest and play before migrating to the Antarctic.

So, whether it is fishing, sailing, whale watching, bushwalking, kayaking, swimming or birdwatching, the World Heritage-Listed Fraser Island and its beautiful waterways offer all one could ever want, and more besides.

Kid Friendly Holiday

Hervey Bay

Bordered by 40 kilometres of pristine beaches, Hervey Bay offers access to islands, adventure, wildlife and a beautiful safe aquatic playground for visitors to the Fraser Coast.

Hervey Bay, the gateway to Fraser Island, is renowned for its Whale Watching and in 2019 was crowned as the world’s first Whale Heritage Sites. The north-facing sheltered waters of Hervey Bay are protected by Fraser Island and offer the perfect aquatic playground for swimming, fishing, whale watching and sunset seeking. Making for an unforgettable vacation, our charterers can choose to sail the seabreeze toward the remote north of the isle, or hang down in the Great Sandy Straits and maybe anchor off the idyllic ecotourism hotspot of Kingfisher Bay Resort.

This stunning destination has something for everyone. Our pace is laid back and relaxed, our landscape is rich with natural beauty, its palette a vibrant combination of azure blues, verdant greens, golden sandy beaches and rich red sunsets.

The Whitsundays may be a famous sailing destination, but for those in the know, sailing the waters off Hervey Bay, the Great Sandy Straits and Fraser Island offers a memorable holiday like no other.

Hervey Bay Whales

Whale Watching: (July-Oct)

Renowned as the whale watching capital of the world, and crowned the world’s very first Whale Heritage Site, the sheltered waters of Hervey Bay offer your family and friends the unique opportunity to see these magnificent creatures at play.

More the 8,000 giant humpbacks taking a ‘breather’ on their annual migration south after calving in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef come to rest and socialise in the protected waters of Platypus Bay between World Heritage listed K’Gari (Fraser Island) and the mainland of the South East Queensland coast. For 4 months each year from July to October they stop here to feed and play with their calves, showing a magnificent display of breaching, spy hopping, tail slapping, and interactive social behaviour.

Sweet Escape offer you the opportunity to experience these majestic animals and unforgettable sights from your own spacious and luxurious yacht. Be sure to check out our gallery and blog post for more information about whales, dolphins and ocean research.

If you are only in the area for a day, be sure to contact us for our recommended day whale watching charters.

Fraser Coast The Great Sandy Strait

The Great Sandy Strait

In and along the tranquil waterways of the Great Sandy Strait nature abounds. Fish, dugong, turtles, dolphins, mangroves, sea grass pastures, wild flowers and bird life are plentiful.

Dotted along the mainland of the Great Sandy Strait lie the seaside townships of Tin Can Bay, Tinnanbar, Poona, Tuan, Boonooroo and Maaroom. The southern waters of the Straits are lined with mangroves, shipwrecks, abandoned jetties, whilst the northern waters are every hue of blue and the sheltered bays and endless beaches are a perfect spots to throw in a line, read a book, or get exploring.

The area is a fisherman’s paradise! A great variety of fish including bream, whiting, flathead, mackerel, tailor and mangrove jack inhabit the waters, along with sand and mud crabs. For those bird watching enthusiasts, The Great Sandy Strait is a declared wetland of International importance, where shorebirds from as far as Siberia and Japan rest and feed over summer. The fantastic variety of wildlife and the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere make the Great Sandy Strait a perfect destination for everyone.

Getting Here

Driving: Follow the main highway north from Brisbane to the historic city of Maryborough (about 2 hours) then head to Hervey Bay…easy to find and well signposted. Hervey Bay is on the Fraser Coast with Fraser Island directly across the bay. Our Great Sandy Straights marina is at Urangan, the southern township of Hervey Bay city.


Obviously you won’t need to bother with accommodation while you’re chartering one of our wonderful yachts, however with the Fraser Coast offering so much more, perhaps you would like to extend your stay? The Fraser Coast has a wide choice of accommodation ranging from self-contained family accommodation, waterfront caravan parks and backpacker hostels to private bed and breakfasts and heritage cottages, luxury waterfront apartments and international-class resorts. No matter what your preferred style and budget is, you’re sure to find something to suit. A few of our favourites are;

If you would like some help deciding, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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