Creating Cherished Memories: Family-Friendly Bareboating Adventures

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"The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories." - Og Mandino

At Sweet Escape Yacht Charters we wholeheartedly believe in crafting unforgettable moments for families. Having grown up on the water and on boats, we have been blessed with many of these memories and want every family to be able to do the same! What better way to create enduring memories than through an adventurous bareboat charter experience in Hervey Bay? Set against the picturesque backdrop of K’gari’s west coast, our family-friendly charters offer an array of activities ensuring everyone on board, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoys an unforgettable journey.


Cherishing Family Moments at Sea

Og Mandino’s powerful words resonate deeply with our ethos. We understand the importance of creating happy memories, especially for families seeking quality time together. Our bareboat charters are tailored to bring joy, excitement, and relaxation for every member of your family.


Activities to Delight Kids of All Ages


  1. Sunning Up and Down the Sand Dunes: Explore the stunning sandy shores of K’gari, where kids can bask in the sun and have a blast running up and down the mesmerizing sand dunes.
  2. Wildlife Spotting: From playful dolphins to majestic whales, the waters of Hervey Bay are teeming with marine life, offering an incredible opportunity for kids to spot these creatures in their natural habitat.
  3. Building Sand Castles: Encourage creativity and fun by building intricate sandcastles on the pristine beaches – a perfect family activity that brings everyone together.
  4. Shell Searching: The shores are adorned with an array of beautiful shells waiting to be discovered. Engage the kids in a thrilling treasure hunt along the coastline.
  5. Cruising in the Tender: Explore hidden coves and secret spots as a family by cruising along the bay in our tender, offering a unique perspective of K’gari’s coastline.
  6. Swimming and Floating: Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing swim, or simply float out the back of the boat, soaking in the serenity of the surroundings.

Inclusive Pricing for an All-Inclusive Experience


The best part about a bareboat charter is that all activities are FREE, ensuring you and your family can fully immerse yourselves in the experience without worrying about additional costs. From water activities to for wildlife spotting, everything is included.

When you compare a day tour price per person for these activities, plus the additional cost of accommodation, our bareboat prices are great value for money! For example, the average cost per family (4 people) for a one day remote K’gari and whale experience tour, plus accommodation is $1100. Comparatively, our bareboat charter rates in peak season start at $1200 per night, however, you could easily share this cost between 2 families (8 people), thus only $600 per night. That is only $75 per person per night!!! Talk about value for money! This is less in regular and mid-season.


The best family friendly, affordable Hervey Bay holiday!


Embark on an extraordinary journey with your family, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Our family-friendly bareboat charters in Hervey Bay promise an all-encompassing adventure that caters to the joys of exploration, fun, and togetherness.

Ready to create lasting memories with your loved ones? Contact us today to book your family’s dream bareboat charter adventure in Hervey Bay!

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